Amber P 2/26/2021
This is my first car buying experience and it was wonderful. They treated us great and worked with us on our trade in. I think this is where we will get our cars from now on

Terra R. 8/14/2020
I was traveling for business and had forgotten to get an oil change before I left Illinois. I was only in town for a couple days, so I needed one fast. I called Matt at Mark Juhl Auto Sports and explained my time limit. His response? No problem, just bring it in and we'll take care of you. We have everything for your car. I appreciate Matt and his team getting me in at last minute and will definitely be back.

Dan P. 6/24/2020
I would like to thank Matt Juhl and his staff for doing an excellent job on my vehicle. I purchased new tires and had multiple repairs done on my vehicle recently. He charged me much less than anyone else and the quality of work that was done was excellent. I will definitely be a forever customer and I recommend to anyone who is having car issues or looking to upgrade to a different car to contact Mark Juhl Auto Sports and Service Center!

Kevin L. 5/31/2019
Mark Juhl Auto helped me in a time of need. As I was on my way give a speech for my work; one that I had spent much time preparing, I had realized my tire was flat. I was passing Juhl Auto and pulled in. They had quickly diagnosed the issue and advised me on my options. Long story short I made it on time and completely forgot my speech! Thank you very much!

Skylar V. 5/31/2019
Being a single mom, vehicle buying can be scary! I was not treated like a woman who doesn't know anything, but a valued customer. Juhl auto made sure I had a reliable car and even got me in asap when I called for my first oil change! Would definitely recommend!

Great work on a car I did not purchase from them. Needed work on my daughters car they got it in fixed it quick. -Jim

I had a window become locked in the down position and couldn't get it up. I got a recommendation from a friend and came in with no appointment. The crew "fit me in" but started work on the window immediately .... I was out of there in less than an hour! The window was put in the up position and fixed so that it will not go down until I can get home to my husband, who will do the repairs. The price was more than reasonable for the work and the diagnosis as to what is wrong with the window motor. Thank you very much. Thanks to Nate who most of the work! Yours Truly, Peterson Family

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